The Rugrats and Their Father

The First Born Rugrat: Way too smart for his own good.  Way too “17 year old in a 7 year old body” for his own good.  An athletic bookworm.  He’s bound to get all the ladies one day.


The Second Born Rugrat: We call him Chris Farley.  He likes to eat and drink weird stuff, dump things on his head, and run around naked.  Not all at once, necessarily.  But possibly.  He has the sweetest heart, though.


The Third Born Rugrat: It’s too soon to make a call on his personality just yet.  But two things I can promise you: you’ve never seen a better smile, and you’ve never met a tougher 18 month old.



Their Father: one of my favorite pics of my high-school-sweetheart-turned-husband.  I snapped this picture of him when we were in California a few years ago, and then proceeded to flatter him, as well as (I think) creep him out/ make him feel awkward, when he kept catching me pulling the picture back up, and staring at it.  I just think he looks so cute here, and yes FINE…I went a little school-girl crushy.  But that’s a good thing to be able to still go “school-girl crushy” after being together 20 years, right?

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