About Me


I’m an introverted extrovert.  Or maybe an extroverted introvert.  I’m not too sure, but for some reason, it matters to me which one I am, and I’m always trying to figure it out.  To further complicate the matter, I’m married to the most extroverted (read: Crazy. Outrageous. Unfiltered) introvert you’ll ever meet.  We’ve been together since we were toddlers practically (oh ok, since we were 16.  Same difference), and every day I find new things I love about the man, as well as new things that make me say, “WTF??”.

Speaking of “WTF”….we have three boys  and ALL THREE are wild and crazy and untamed…they are their father incarnated, and it’s a wonder that they came out of MY womb, because they have very little of me in them, except for the fact that one is obsessed with reading and writing, and the other one seems to be a bit lacking in common sense (Reader.  Writer.  Zero common sense.  The top three adjectives to describe me).  The third one, I don’t know a whole lot about yet, except for the fact that he has a chipped tooth, and not one of us can recall how or when it happened.

I’m a Christ-follower, although I hate using words like “Christ-follower” because I find it to be a bit “Christian-ese”.  “Christian-ese” is when Christians toss around terms and phrases and expressions and descriptors that only people who live in their Christian bubble understand. By “Christ-follower” I mean that I believe in the Jesus of the Bible, and I devote time to learning who He is and what He wants from me…and then I try to do it.  I fail a whole lot.  I learn a whole lot too though, and I hope to be able to authentically share both of those things in this blog.

I very often tend to over complicate things.  When I was a new transfer to my high school, about 4 months into the first semester, I realized that every day, I had been turning left, then right, then right, then right again, to get to a classroom that I could have simply taken ONE right to get to.   I’m not sure if that falls into the category of “overcomplicating”,  or if that can be attributed more to my lack of common sense, but either which way, it gives you some good insight into my cobwebby brain.  I’m convinced I must be a genius, in a mad-scientist sort of way.

The things I’m best at include reading, writing, asking questions, and facilitating good conversation.  None of that translates into any sort of career, so whether I’m a stay-at-home mom because that’s what I love to do, or because there are just no better options for me, is uncertain, but I tell myself it’s the former, and in the meantime, I do LOVE being home with my three boys, doing all I can to raise them into the very best kind of men: good, strong, brave, generous and crazy, just like their daddy.