Deal With It

You know what feels better than just about anything else?

Dealing with something that needs to be dealt with.

You know what feels worse than just about anything else.

Not doing that.

“Get your shit together, man”

It’s a phrase that pokes its way into my brain at least 50 times a day lately. Who is it aimed at?

Myself, for one thing.

My husband.

About 25 other people I can think of, who just really need to.

Probably more than 25.

It was almost the title of this blog post, in fact.  “Get Your Shit Together, Man”, but I’m classier than that.

So the title is “Deal With It”, and the reason is because “Dealing With It”, is HOW you get your shit together.  You deal with the stuff in your life that needs dealing with.

I am on a quest to do this, and I encourage you to do the same.


Because…Festering and simmering and stewing are not things you want happening inside of you.

Because..Stuck, stagnant, listless, and aimless are not adjectives you want people describing you with.

Because… Sweeping under the rug, burying, and denying are all stupid things to do.


Probably, it’s that you are too afraid, or too lazy, to deal with whatever “it” is for you.

I know i am.  Was.

But I’m making an effort now to be neither.

Allow me to provide you with some real-life examples of what “dealing with it” looks like in my life:

1) I’ve had some things I’ve felt anxious about for a good while, now.  Angry.  Uncertain and all sorts of churned up inside.  In the spirit of getting my shiz together, I started seeing a counselor.  WHY NOT?? #dealwithit

2) I decided in August that until the end of the year, I was giving up fiction books (my main source of comfort, relaxation, and escape) and reading books that would feed my soul or sharpen my mind.  There are a LOT of things I need light shed on, so I bought the right books, and light is being shed. #gettinmyshiztogether

3) I’ve felt guilty at the end of EVERY SINGLE DAY, for at least six years now, that I’ve spent more time on any given day staring at my phone, than at my children’s faces. That’s 2190 days.  (I did that in my head.  Then verified on a calculator, and was shocked to see it was right.  I’m smart-ish.  You should listen-ish to what I’m telling you here) So…I put the phone away.  I look at it periodically throughout the day, but really, not much #handlingshit

4) I’ve been in a cooking “rut” for at least a decade now.  What in the actual hell have we eaten for the last ten years? Thrown. Together. Crap.  I literally have no idea.  I really don’t.  “You must be able to think of at least one or two good meals you’ve made, since 2007!?”, you may say.  Nope.  Can’t.  So I have a kitchen mentor now.  I’ll tell you more about that later, but let’s just say, meal time is being #handled.

5) I am forcing myself, almost daily, to participate in conversations that I don’t enjoy having.  Hard, unpleasant or, god-forbid, confrontational conversations aren’t really my thang, but I’m learning to have them anyway.

Let me tell you this story.  We had a printer at our house, that broke about 6 years ago. For six years now, whenever I need something printed (Like, my kid’s math practice worksheets. Like, weekly), I either have to rely upon my husband to print them up at his office and bring them home for me, or my mom prints it up for me, and her and I then have to coordinate with one another, so I can pick up my printings. Lord. EVERYTHING is wrong with this system.

Yesterday though, I went to Target. I spent $70, plus paper. I came home, pulled up my son’s worksheets for the whole rest of the year, and I printed them out. They are in a folder, in my desk drawer, ready to go.

$70, a 15 minute trip to Target (that undoubtedly felt like 3 hours, but nevertheless), and the problem was handled.

Do you need to go buy a printer, to make your life easier? Go buy it!

Do you need to make a decision? Make it! For the love of all things holy…just make it, already.

Do you need to quit your job? Quit!

Do you need to learn how to do something? Take a  class or read a book.

I don’t know what it is that you need to do, but I bet you know.

Quit being lame.  Deal with it.


Oh my freaking gosh, will you just DEAL WITH IT already??






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