Fear…You’ve Got to Stop It


The biggest hindrance we all face.

Well, in my opinion.  And it’s my blog, so that’s really all that matters here, anyway.


It stops you from….

Pursuing the dream

Taking the risk

Enjoying the life you were given

Embarking upon the adventure

Having the conversation you need to have

Addressing the issue that needs to be addressed

Confronting that problem that keeps getting swept under the rug

Making the appointment you need to make

Telling someone the truth they so desperately need to hear


It makes you….

Say things you shouldn’t say, in an attempt to control someone

Do things you shouldn’t do, in an attempt to control a situation

Over-indulge, in an attempt to self-medicate

Believe things that aren’t true, and then operate as though they are true

Cling to things you shouldn’t, instead of living in perfect freedom

Suck the life out of others, instead of letting the wellness within your soul overflow onto them

Put on a show, instead of authentically being the person you were created to be

Be incapable of forgiveness, clinging instead to the unforgiveness, that feels so much more familiar and safe


It causes you to become….


Timid, when you ought to be bold

Cautious, when you ought to be reckless

Uncertain, when ought to be sure

Reliant on yourself, lacking in faith


Fear lies to you

Fear robs you

Fear defeats you

Fear limits you

Fear exhausts you

Fear sickens you

Fear enslaves you


Fear….it’s what makes ME want to hold my children tight, and put them into a safe and happy bubble, when I should be courageously launching them out into the world, to be a light.

Fear…it’s what makes ME desperately seek approval, when I already HAVE approval from the only One from whom I need it

Fear….it’s what has made ME waste countless hours over the years Googling things….hours that would have been so much better spent scouring GOD’S word, looking for the answers

What is fear making YOU do? Stopping you FROM doing? Turning you into?

“So do not FEAR for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”  Isaiah 41:10

Do not FEAR.  A command.

Do you ever read what God has commanded us to do in His word, and think that He’s being kind of restrictive? I do. “Don’t do this, don’t do that…..” Basically just preventing us from having fun, and doing the things we want to do in life.  But the truth is, the things He tells us, He tells us for our own good.  So that we can live a BETTER life.  MORE fulfilling, not less.  MORE exciting, not less.  MORE free, not less.  For example, if we obeyed the command regarding fear, think about how our life would change for the BETTER.

We could:

Have the adventure.  Do the thing. Initiate the conversation.  Stop the habit.  Rest well.  Walk in perfect freedom.   Live large.  Change someones life.  Save a relationship. See things you never thought you’d see.  Do things you never thought you’d do.  Have a really awesome story to tell.

We’ve just got to stop letting fear control us.

Stop it!





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