5 AM…It’s Not What You Think It Is

5 AM…It’s Not What You Think It Is

You THINK 5 am is horrible. An ungodly hour for wake.

You’re kinda right.

5 am is for getting one or two more blissful hours of sleep in.

5 am is for briefly opening your eyes, checking the time, and then burrowing deeply back under your covers.

5 am is for thinking to yourself, “maybe…”, and then ultimately for deciding, “nah”.

5 am is when really good dreams still happen.


Here’s the thing (if you’re a parent, that is):

Let me tell you what 6 am is (maybe 6:30, if you’re lucky).

6 am is when your kids run into your room and jump on your face.

6 am is when you open your eyes in shock and think “OMG, is this really happening?”

6 am is when you are suddenly and cruelly thrusted from warm, blissful and dreamy into cold, disoriented, and ON.

It’s really no way to wake up. No way to ease into a day.

So back to 5 am, and what it CAN be.

5 am can be stumbling out of bed groggily, maybe a bit unwillingly at first, and cozying yourself up in the comfy robe, or sweatshirt already waiting for you at your bedside

5 am can be shuffling into the kitchen, and hitting “brew” on your coffee pot (soon your nose will begin to detect that aroma-like-no-other, and you will already begin to feel better)

5 am can be turning on the heater, flicking on the fireplace, or getting your blanket set up on the couch while you wait for your coffee to brew. (Feel free to flip through Facebook while you wait, read a news article or two, or just stare into space and embrace the silence)

5 am can be taking that first delicious sip of life-giving brew, and delighting in the fact that you can drink the WHOLE CUP uninterrupted.

5 am can now look like a lot of things: it can look like opening up your Bible and starting your day right, in God’s word (that’s what I personally recommend). It can look like continuing to peruse Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. It can look like just sipping and sitting in silence, while you think through your day. It can look like praying. Lifting each and every one of your family members up in prayer. It can look like WHATEVER. THE. HELL. YOU. WANT. This is YOUR time. Do whatever you want, but I love to use at least 20-30 minutes of it purposefully.

5 am (now approaching 5:30 am) can be getting a head start on your kids breakfast. Play some music while you do it (softly now, you do NOT want your people to wake up). 5 am can look like finishing up a load of laundry you didn’t get to the night before. Packing the school lunch that you were too tired to mess with last night. Whatever it is, keep sipping on that coffee. Add a little extra milk and sugar…this is YOUR hour. May as well live it up.

5 am (now approaching 6) can look like greeting the rest of your family with genuine excitement. You are awake. You have a full cup of coffee under your belt. You’ve started your day right, with prayer and scripture. Your towels are folded, your kitchen counters sparkle, and you know that Jinger Duggar has revealed to the world that only 5 of her 8 sisters get to be bridesmaids in her wedding. You are ready to take this day by storm.

5 am…it’s not what you think. Maybe you should try it for yourself?

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