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When my oldest son was 14 months old, we were enrolled in a mommy-and-me gymnastics class at Gymboree. The class was composed of all babies.  Mostly crawlers, a couple of walkers.  One day, during “Pop the Bubbles” time, my son…my 15 month old BABY…strolled on over to a sweet innocent little crawler-girl….and began to hump her.  HUMP HER.  It wasn’t something that looked SIMILAR to humping.  Nope, it was just good old-fashioned humping.  Everyone stopped and stared.  Mothers gasped.  One mom turned to me and asked, “do you guys have a dog?”.  No, no we don’t, but that would certainly make more sense.  We also don’t do..that..in front of our kids.

But there you go.  THAT happened, and I still don’t know why, but I do know that that was 5 1/2 years ago now, and awkward and outrageous things continue to be the very fiber my family is composed of.

So.. hello, and welcome to my blog.  It seems I’ve started one…mostly so I can write about things like that.  Because if you are going to live in constant tension, always wondering what embarrassing thing your child will do next, or what outrageous thing your husband will say, you may as well write about it all.

The idea of being a “mommy blogger” kind of makes me cringe.  And yet..here I am.  A mommy.  Blogging. Super original.  Look, you need to know that I have NOT started a blog because I (mistakenly) believe that I have some wellspring of knowledge and wisdom to pass on to other moms.  I’m pretty sure my closest friends could all attest to the fact that I most assuredly do not. It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever share a recipe or decorating tips with you.  And I’m not about to spend my time scouring the internet trying to find the “Top 50 Best Restaurants to Eat at With Kids” or some such thing (sidenote: THERE ARE NONE)

Every blog needs to have a purpose though…SOMETHING it offers its readers…and mine does too.  Here’s what my intent is:

  • to make you feel better about yourself and your own mothering. I’m pretty much a hot mess all the time.  You know Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown?  Dirty, with a constant swirl of, like, I don’t even know, mess and dirtiness and chaos swirling around him?  Yeah, that’s me.  And I’m well aware of it.  My experiences are bound to make you think, “well damn. I’m doing ok after all”.
  • to share with you the things God, and life experiences, and really smart people in my life are teaching ME. We’re all works in progress, right? All in the trenches with these mother-freaking children of ours? It’s all hard, and we may as well be transparent and authentic and learn stuff together.
  • to keep you super entertained with tales of the Piglets who live in my Pen

So far I’ve painted a picture for you of a frazzled, freaked-out, hot mess of a mom, raising three Utter Crazies.  While that is 100% accurate, the rest of the story is that..

I adore the three Little men and the one Big one God put in my life.  There’s no family I’d rather be a part of than my own, and while I fought with my own self for a good long while about the sort of person I am, and how I’m wired, I’ve mostly embraced it now, and I like the crazy way we do life.  It’s usually fun, it’s certainly an adventure, it’s a constant learning process, and it’s almost never boring.  

Thanks for being a part of our newest adventure, with the launch of this blog!  It’s bound to make you laugh some, make you shake your head some, and possibly prompt you to call me up and say, “Girl, you need help!” some.

(I do.  I SO do.)








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  1. So I randomly saw a post you did for Austin Moms last year when I was first pregnant…I don’t know how, I live in Scottsdale. But ever since then I’ve been following your writing! So happy to see you started your own blog. How exciting! That’s a scary thing but you’re a great writer and it’s refreshing to hear someone keep it real. Mommyhood is amazing…and also so freakin hard. Go you! Can’t wait to keep reading.

  2. Love this Haley! Excited for you as you continue adventuring in mom-blogging. This made me smile. Just the other day, as I was (frustratingly) closing the door to the truck after loading my 4 kiddos up to leave the house, I huffed softly, “freaking kids” which of course Lacy heard, and responded from the back of the Suburban, “we’re not freaking, mom! We are just kids!” …and again I was instantly reminded me of the grace God gives us amidst frustrations of life. …we may be freaking, but we are also just moms, and yes it’s hard but also awesome.
    Excited to read more of your freaking adventures…you inspire me to press on! Let’s do this!

  3. I love this so much. I pretty much feel like this ALL of the time and I only have one boy. God Bless you woman! Oh, and you had me at ellipses…they just make sense to me.

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